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Are Waste Management Facilities ISO accredited?

WMF are ISO 9001 and 1400 accredited.

What type of Waste Container do I need?

That will depend on what you are going to use it for. Visit our Containers Page or call us on 01202 535888 to discuss your particular needs.

Can I put my Skip on the road?

It is usually okay to put a skip on the road provided you have the appropriate permit from the local authority. Some local highway may be in effect, particularly in urban areas (e.g. 'red routes'). WMF will be happy to advise and arrange for any required permits.

What can I put in my Skip?

This depends upon the type of Skip you have ordered. Please see our 'Guides' section (What waste can go in a Skip) for further information.

Do Waste Management Facilities audit their suppliers?

Our supply chain is regularly audited to ensure the highest standards and compliance.

What is Redundant Asset Management?

Redundant Asset Management is a management plan that accounts for waste as a potential asset. For further information why not Download our PDF on Redundant Asset Management.

Can I move in to my Skip?

No matter how difficult life becomes you CANNOT live in your Skip.

How long does it take to deliver a Skip

We can usually deliver a skip within one working day.

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